[Update: Full Released] Link Twin soft launches in select regions on Samsung Galaxy devices, full launch coming in October

Developers going by the name Lorraine have soft launched their upcoming puzzle game Link Twin in select regions. However, not only is the game available in select regions, you will also need to own a Samsung Galaxy brand device to access it. If you don’t own one, you’ll have to wait like the rest of us, even if you do live in one of the soft launch compatible regions.

Update: February 13th, 2017 4:22pm PST: For those of you waiting to pick this game up, Link Twin is now fully available on Google Play. You can pick up a copy through the new link at the bottom of this article.

For those of you not familiar with Link Twin, this is a pretty challenging and thought provoking puzzler where you will be in control of a set of twins. Players will need to simultaneously moving both twins, which means you will need to plan which way to go and what moves to make rather carefully. You will have to consider getting around obstacles, hitting switches, avoiding hazards, all in the name of getting both twins to the goal in each stage.

As you are probably guessing already, this is one of those games that are easy to pick up and play, but frustratingly challenging when you get further into it. Everything is wrapped up in a sort of minimalistic style of visuals, which actually seems to work well with this title from what we can see already.

So how do you get this game? Well, if you live in Canada, the USA, orĀ  Romania, and own a Samsung Galaxy device, you can snap up a copy off of the Samsung App Store. Otherwise, you will have to wait until sometime in early October 2016 to grab a copy.

Google Play: Link Twin

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