[Update: Game Released] Plan and execute your own jailbreak in The Escapists, arriving on Android this week

Prison break out game The Escapists has been announced that it’s coming to Android soon. In this game, players will customize the name and appearance of their prisoner, and then proceed to break out of the institution. Players will have to creatively utilize both item management as well as crafting (for example, making a Sock Mace or Comb Blade out of the requisite components, or locating a screwdriver to remove the grill over an air vent, so the character can climb through to better navigate the prison), and observation (such as noticing the patterns that guards follow, both in timing as well as what paths they follows, to reduce the chance of being caught).

Update: March 3rd, 2017 11:42am PST: For those of you who have been waiting for this game to arrive, The Escapists is now available for download off of Google Play for a cool $3.99. You can pick up a copy using the new link at the bottom of this article.

Funding can be obtained by either landing a job within the prison, or by performing favors. Even once all of the necessary parts have been obtained and assembled, players are at risk of having them lost in a shakedown, so good hiding spots are also necessary for preserving parts and plans. Again, all of this is done to further the goal of getting out of prison. Outside the cell, players will even have the opportunity to subdue guards, and impersonate them by wearing their uniform. There are six prisons available within the game, with each of them themed different from the others, and range from comfy low security prisons to cruel POW camps.

The Escapists Features:

– 6 unique prisons to escape – from the minimal security of Center Perks to the harsh confines of the Stalag Flucht POW camp
– 6 different methods to bust your way out including digging out and prison takeovers!
– 10 prison jobs to earn you some vital escape funds. Choose from Laundry, Janitor, Mail Man, Metal Shop, Kitchen, -Wood Work, Tailor, Deliveries, Gardener and Library work
– Crafting system. Gather the necessary items you’ll need to craft items for your escape plan. Craft tools such as -Cutters, Shovels, Sheet Ropes and weapons such as the Sock Mace, Comb Blade or Cup of Molten Chocolate!
– Choose from touch screen or virtual d-pad controls!
– Leaderboards and Achievements

There are different ways players can accomplish their one goal, either by outright taking the prison over, or working with subtlety and trying to dig their way out. The game utilizes the faux, pixelated look, and will have two different control schemes, where players can choose between taps and gestures, or using virtual buttons; there was no mention of controller support.

The Escapists will be available soon. The game shouldn’t contain any ads or optional IAPs, and should run a flat $4.99 once it’s availble. The date that it’s slated for release is March 2nd, so it should be here by the end of the week.

Google Play: The Escapists

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