[Update: Possible Fake] Raft is an oddly addictive survival simulator out now for Android

You’re stuck in the middle of an ocean with nothing but a hook and a wooden platform, doesn’t sound like fun but Raft has me hooked. There isn’t much as far as a game world in this game, just endless water. You start off with just a single platform to stand on and a hook with a rope attached to it. You use the hook to throw into the water to drag items that are floating by. Planks of wood, leaves and scraps.

Update: February 10th, 2017 1:13pm PST: Just a heads up that this version of RAFT is more than likely a ripped off version of the game. We have contacted the developer to get confirmation on this and will post a second update when we hear back. Thaks to FistfulOfDice for the heads up.

You then turn these collected items into usable things to make your survival better. You can create wooden platforms to increase the size of your floating shelter, water purifiers to convert sea water to drinkable water and a cooker to cook fish or potatoes you grow. Also there is an item net that you can craft to automatically snag any items floating by. I highly recommend doing this as it makes getting materials alot easier. If you happen to fall into the water, there are sharks that will attack and kill you, but there is no reason to ever get into the ocean. If you do happen to die, you are given the option to watch a video and all the items in your inventory will be saved. If not you will lose everything, but everything you have built will still be there.

Raft Features:

– Gathering: Collect all necessary items from the ocean: tools, crafting materials, food and more!
– Crafting and Building: Advanced crafting system: Items, Buildings, flooring, pillars, rafting stairs, tools, —weapons and more!
– Cooking: Cook your food and filter the salt water!
– Fishing: Try to catch fish and other sea animals to not die out of hunger!
– Farming: Grow vegetables and palm trees!
– Survival: Keep yourself alive at all costs!
– Wilderness survival simulator 3D: Avoid or fight the mighty sea creatures such as the fearless shark!
– A lot of activities to do: crafting, collecting materials, building, fishing, farming, cooking, fighting sharks!
– Real adventure: amazing gameplay and lots of fun guaranteed!
– Cool graphics and easy navigation: an easy and memorable game to play!

Raft at its core is like most survival games, but not having to run around searching for materials makes this game a little less stressful. Don’t let the fact that you are just stuck on a platform dissuade you from this game, it’s a lot of fun and you can make some pretty impressive structures. It is a single-player game and is free to download and play, but is ad supported. You can also play this via your browser over at

Google Play: Raft

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