Update: SheepRun Beta – Pulled from the Android Market

A few days back we brought to light a game called SheepRun that had some strikingly similar user interface designs to that of Angry Birds by Rovio. Since then we have had many people mention that the level design was almost a complete copy of another Flash game called Home Sheep Home. SheepRun Beta is now not available on the Android Market.

Whether this was due to Google pulling it from the Android Market through comments left, if the other developers such as Rovio and Aardman notified Google or simply that the developer, FingerFantasy, decided to take it down is unknown at this time. However I think everyone can agree that the game was just too much of a copy from others to be left on the Android Market.

If we find out more of a reason as to why this game was pulled off the Android Market, we will post an update for everyone. If you have been trying to find it, that is why you can’t, it isn’t there anymore.

Update Nov. 17th, 2010 2:27pm PST: Seems SheepRun Beta is back on the Android Market. No idea why either. However, one interesting thing to note is that the developers use Angry Birds and Sheep Go Home in the ‘tags’ inside the game description. Ironic isn’t it?

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