Celebrate upjers Mother’s Day 2024 With Flowers And Candies In My Little Farmies And Other Titles!

featured image for our news on upjers Mother's Day 2024 celebrations. it features the screenshots of three games by upjers My little farmies, Zoo 2: Animal Park and Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo. It also features a pink and white poster that says Mother's Day in golden.

This year, Mother’s Day is on next Sunday, May 12th. So, over at upjers GmbH, the team is gearing up to celebrate Mother’s Day across several of their popular games. Celebrating moms with fabric art and confections? Count me in! Want to know more about the upjers Mother’s Day 2024 celebrations, too? Keep reading!

By the way, upjers GmbH is the publisher of popular sim games like My Little Farmies. Apart from that one, the upjers Mother’s Day 2024 celebrations are happening across three other games. Let’s give you an overview of the celebrations one by one!

What’s Happening In Zoo 2: Animal Park?

It’s a cosy crafter’s dream this Mother’s Day. The game is bustling with flower teddies, patchwork sheep and even giraffe quilts that you can set up all over your zoos. These funky fabric pieces will be dishing out crowns on the regular, which you can trade for some tempting exclusive goodies.

Which tempting goodies am I talking about? Treasure chests, special décor items and new additions to your animal family! A majestic Mountain Nyala and a fluffy white alpaca variant are also up for grabs. This cuteness overload runs from May 8th to May 15th in Zoo 2: Animal Park.

Over At Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

They’re keeping the fabric theme rolling in this one, too. You can snag flowers from decorations like a cuddly plush Brontosaurus and a patchwork Mammoth. If you’re lucky, you might just score the green and yellow Megaraptor. The upjers Mother’s Day 2024 celebrations are going down till May 14th.

My Free Zoo Says Thanks, Moms!

The upjers Mother’s Day 2024 theme in My Free Zoo is candy! Yes, there are chocolate rivers, fruit trees and lollipop bouquets. Every decoration is worth a bunch of flowers which will translate into rewards. You even have the chance to snag a pair of Trumpeter Swans to your zoo. Dive into the sweetness from May 8th to May 15th.

Finally, What’s Up In My Little Farmies?

This one has the sweetest finish line! It’s an Ice Cream Parlor building where you can make spaghetti ice cream, iced coffee and fruit sundaes. Decorations are on point too, with an ice cream tree, a gingerbread man and a cupcake table. This event will be served with a scoop on top till May 14th.

So, there you have it! All the details on the upjers Mother’s Day 2024 celebrations. Go ahead and grab these games from the Google Play Store, if you haven’t already. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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