Use a SNES Controller with your Dell Streak

If you don’t feel like setting up your Wiimote to be used with your Android phone, you can always do what this one gamer did and just attach a SNES controller to your phone. May take a bit more work but you’ll end up with your own portable gaming Android device. This little craft is done using the devices PDMI port.

After attaching some wires, fiddling with a few others, the Dell Streak recognizes the SNES controller as a USB keyboard allowing you to not only play games but navigate your way through the Android OS just as if it were any other attachment. I’m sure this violates the warranty but if you can’t wait for the rumored Android Playstation phone to arrive, this is the next best thing.

If you’ve done anything like this with your Android device, let us know about it!

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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