Use physics and gravity to guide the falling ball to its goal in Ball Fall, now out on Google Play

Released by RedSun-Pro, Ball Fall is a new physics based puzzler for the Android platform. In Ball Fall, players are tasked with guiding a ball from the start to the finish, but only indirectly. The ball in question is hanging from the end of a rope, that swings freely at the top of the screen, in the manner of a pendulum.

Players will simply tap the screen in order to “cut the rope” and release the ball, allowing gravity and physics to take over. If it’s done right. the ball will fall into the target hole at the bottom of the screen. The game isn’t just about the ball dropping though, as the levels of the game contain a few different mechanice. First, there are hazards that must be avoided, such as spikes. Should the ball land on them, a life is lost.

Ball Fall Features:

– One-touch control & simple operation.
– Lots of Balls (Basketball, football, baseball, planets, billiards pools and more) !
– Lots of spikey hard levels!
– Simple & beautiful design!
– A challenge to reflex.

Other objects, typically boxes and circles, that are marked in orange award the player an extra life on the next level, as well as the player’s score being doubled, should the ball bounce off of it, on its way toward the end. At other points, the obstacles will be moving. Coins are also floating in the levels, so players can use collected coins to unlock other levels, or other balls/skins, such as a basketball, football, baseball, billiard ball, globe, and more.

Ball Fall is available for free from Google Play. There are optional in app purchases included, as well as ads. Check out the trailer to see the game in action.

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