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Utopia: Origin is an anime survival game out now

Utopia: Origin Android

Utopia: Origin is a brand new survival game set in a gorgeous anime universe, and you can get it right now on Android.

You’ll gather resources, build a shelter, and cook food to help you survive. The longer you play, the more you’ll flourish, building a full on home and gear.

Utopia: Origin lets you fly a dragon

What do you need gear for? To go out and fight monsters, of course! You’ll find a wide variety from dragons to ogres and other fantasy creatures.

You can build full plate suits of armour, massive swords, and ranged weapons. You can also get yourself a mount like a horse or even a dragon. Yes, you can fly on the dragon.

So obviously you want to check this out as it sounds awesome. Head on over to Google Play right now to grab it.

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