Vacuum 3D – Cash Prizes?!

While checking out all of my usual Android news sites and gaming sites, I stumbled onto this article via Android and Me about a new upcoming game called Vacuum by Door-6 which sparked my interest. Vacuum is a tunnel 3D game and as with a lot of games lately, it offers a global online leaderboard for rankings but Vacuum offers just a bit more then your name in the limelight.

Here is the official press release that was just sent to me by Jeremy Shafton, CEO of Door-6..

New Android Game Delivers 3D Graphics, Cash Prizes

MADISON, WI – March 4, 2010 – Today Door-6 unveils Vacuum, a fast-paced competition on the Android platform. The game blends classic arcade action with a dynamic 3D environment. Players must navigate a perilous, asteroid-filled obstacle course, competing for the top score and cash prizes. In this successor to the acclaimed, “Atmosphere: The Training Mission”, a finalist in Google’s Android Developer Challenge 21 , your phone becomes the joystick of an agile spaceship maneuvering to collect targets along the course.

Vacuum will be released into the Android Market by March 20th, and the first round of competition will begin April 1st. The details of the contest, and its prize amounts, will be announced soon.

Vacuum is the latest release from game development studio Door-6. Founded in 2009 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, Door-6 focuses on delivering premium software to smartphone users. Development began initially on Google’s Android mobile operating system, but has grown to include others. Look for the great mobile games of tomorrow to come from Door-6.”

That’s right. Door-6 will be offering prizes and competition starts April 1st. The game itself will be available around March 20th so that’ll give you some time to practice up for the first round. Jeremy was nice enough to send me a copy of Vacuum to test out and I’m quite impressed already with it. The graphics are great and the controls are smooth and reactive. There are settings which you can use to tweak how the controls are as well in case you like it a certain way. As you progress through the tunnel it gets harder and harder to dodge obstacles (which move). For this being in beta, it already feels really polished. You gain points by collecting green orbs (which also add 5 secs to your clock) and passing through blue rings until you crash.

Here are a couple of screenshots from my phone as well as the official gameplay video by Door-6. I’ll be posting a more detailed review of the game after I’ve played it more but I can tell you so far it’s pretty fun already. Definitely keep an eye out for it on the market. If you want to try to get into the Beta for this or future games, sign up instructions can be found on the Beta-Testers page.

Sources Referenced: Door-6 and Android and Me

Update: Just got an email from Jeremy over at Door-6 with new features that will be in the retail release. These are:

1) adding ability to invert axes.
2) adding background music (that can be disabled in options)
3) possibly adding more sound effects, such as a chime when you hit the green orb, and a chord when you hit the blue ring.. mostly so you don’t have to look at the display in the bottom corner. (and ability to disable SFX in options)

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