Vacuum Compeition Begins!

Unless you’ve just gotten your Android phone over the past week, you probably have heard about Vacuum by Door-6 and the competition they are hosting for cash prizes with the top prize being $500. Well practice time is over as today marks the first day of official competition! Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

– Definitely go into the settings of the game before you start and set your play angle and various other control options (such as sensitivity). This is almost a mandatory thing if you want to get a good score.

– Use the accelerator shifter. Good use of accelerating and slowing down can get you far in this game. Don’t just stick to one speed and hope for the best.

– Don’t try to grab every green orb. Yes they count for points but if one is in a bad spot, just bypass it. No point in risking a crash when surviving is much more important.

Those are my three main tips for this game and although they seem like it’d be common sense to do these, it’s actually pretty easy to just jump into the game and not get yourself prepared and end up crashing all the time.

If you don’t know what Vacuum is, it is a 3D tunnel game where you speed through a tunnel collecting green orbs for points and passing through blue rings to extent your time as you have a limit per section while avoiding moving obstacles and trying not to crash. Door-6 is also the first company to offer a competition with cash prizes of $500, $250 and $100 for the top three scores at the end of the competition.

You can check out our review of Vacuum’s Beta as well as our interview with CEO Jeremy Shafton for more details and upcoming news!

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Developer Website: Door-6

Competition Terms and Conditions: Vacuum Competition T&C

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