Tactical RPG Valiant Force 2 Global Release Is On The Way

Feature image for our Valiant Force 2 news piece. It shows several characters with swords charging toward each other. The text reads 'Global Launch Coming In Q2 2023'.

A global release for Valiant Force 2 is on its way, and we could see the game available to all areas before the end of June this year. This news came out via a port on the official Facebook, announcing a Q2 launch.

Valiant Force 2 released in South East Asia back in February, with great success. Now developer XII Braves has its sights set on a wider scope for the tactical RPG.

The game is a sequel to the original, and now unavailable, Valiant Force. That said, you don’t need to be closely familiar with the previous entry’s plotline to enjoy what Valiant Force 2 has to offer.

A Missing Hero

The game kicks off in the fantasy land of Arathos as new dangers arise to threaten its safety. The Crystal Of Arathos has disappeared, along with its supposed protector, Leon Daracan. Many suspect this Hero of Arathos betrayed the people. Others aren’t so convinced.

You take on the role of Elise Arkwright, a knight determined to do good and act the hero, but she and her friends will discover that things aren’t as simple as they first thought.

The game is a tactical RPG, in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea. You’ll be leveling your heroes, switching up their jobs, and managing their equipment. This does come with a few twists that distinguish it, though.

Nostalgic RPG With Its Own Takes On Battle Mechanics

You’ll be engaging in airship battles, and mastering the series’ Aura Trigger system to get the best out of your fighting force.

There are some big names behind the project, too. The soundtrack is the work of Hitoshi Sakimoto, who scored both Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, so you know you’re going to get some real nostalgic RPG sound.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can pre-register now on Google Play.

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