Pro Valorant Player Misses League Match To Play Honkai: Star Rail

The featured image for our Valorant/Honkai: Star Rail article, featuring a character from Valorant with her back to the camera holding up a dagger infront of a red background.

Here’s a fun one: the esports team Ghost CommandoS recently forfeited a Valorant match against S2 Esports, and Honkai: Star Rail is to blame.

To put it plainly, one of the players was too distracted playing it to prepare for the match. Dexerto reported that they hadn’t installed the VCT client, which meant they couldn’t paricipate.

Creasing With Laughter, Or Anger?

As you can imagine, there was a mix between a hilarious outburst and angry outcry from the Valorant community. We took to a Reddit post discussing the Dexerto article to gauge the fan reaction.

One Reddit user, @Primogeniture116, didn’t find it amusing, writing “That’s unprofessional… […] I, too want to play HSR but I need to do my job. Differentiation between what you want and what your responsibilities is quite important for one to actually be a reliable workforce.”

Thankfully, some users, such as @TheWhiteKnightOfHoyo, were able to see the funny side. “I mean, I cant blame him. Probably rolled for their waifu/husbando and cant stop playing lmao”.

What’s Valorant?

Valorant first jumped into the competitive shooter scene in 2020, and is basically CS:GO meets Overwatch. You choose a character, and play as a team of five to plant/defuse the “spike” to win several rounds in competitive matches.

As you bond with your character, you learn how to use their ultimate, as well as other unique abilities.

And Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest title from the gacha game giant, HoYoverse, and the latest in the Honkai series. It takes place in a wide, spacefaring universe as you board the Astral Express and explore many wide and beautiful worlds.

Star Rail sees you play through an extensive campaign, collecting unique characters along the way.

Looking for more Honkai: Star Rail content? Have a read of our recent Honkai: Star Rail article, where we take a closer look at the latest Myriad Celestia trailer.

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