New Vampire Survivors Update Lets You Spin A Wheel Of Misfortune

Feature image for our Vampire Survivors update news piece. It shows a grey wheel on a black background with some face icons on the different rings of the wheel. Over the top of this is yellow text reading 'Scorpion Lair'.

Vampire Survivors fans take note, you’re in for a treat. The newest Vampire Survivors update releases today. It brings a bunch of previously-unseen features to the beloved roguelike, and it’s available at the low price of absolutely nothing. Still no vampires, though.

The fresh content brings a new level, the Astral Stair, with some extremely hostile art and design. You’ll be beset by hordes of paintings out for your blood.

Spin To Win (Or Die)

That’s not all though. There are far more unpredictable things to deal with. The new spinner mechanic gives you all the fun of a game show, except your prize may be getting torn apart by scorpions. The spins determine random events in-game.

Sadly, the mechanic that lets streamers put the random into the hands of their chat is only available for the PC version at the moment.

This new addition comes alongside a new game mode, new relics, new achievements, and, apparently ‘half a new character’. Intriguing.

A Vampireless Vampire Game

So what’s all the fuss about with Vampire Survivors? Well, the game is a reverse bullet hell where you face off against the forces of darkness and try to survive until the clock ticks down.

The reason they call it a reverse bullet hell? You autofire projectiles. You can upgrade and add more weapons to your arsenal as you go, eventually becoming a swirling maelstrom of death and garlic.

You’ll absolutely need all the ridiculous number of fireballs and bolts from Heaven that you can collect, because there are a lot of enemies. A truly horrifying and screen-infesting number of enemies, all out to kill you. Definitely not any vampires, though.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, or goblet of blood, you can check out the Vampire Survivors update on Google Play.

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