Vendetta Online MMORPG for Android now available for the Kindle Fire

Guild Software has brought their space themed MMORPG called Vendetta Online over to the Kindle Fire. Having been for Tegra 2 devices first before branching out to other Android devices, Kindle Fire owners can now get in on the action.

For those of you who are not familiar with what Vendetta Online is, it is a space themed subscription-based MMORPG that started off as a PC-based title before branching out and coming to Android last year. Originally it came to Android for Tegra 2 tablets before eventually arriving to other non-Tegra based devices as well. It is cross-platform multiplayer as well so you will be playing with PC players along side mobile ones.

Vendetta Online is a highly detailed space MMORPG and by space we mean spaceships not just a character in the future on a planet. If you have played Eve Online or a similar space MMORPG then you pretty much have an idea about what the game is like. You can customize your ships, partake in PvP with other players, complete quests, mine resources and pretty much everything else you would expect in an MMORPG of this nature. It has also been around for a very long time so there is a big player-base already.

If you have a Kindle Fire you can jump over to the Amazon App Store and grab the download for free. You can try it out in a limited-time free play period before paying for the monthly subscription fee. You can check the game out in the trailer below.

Developer Website: Vendetta Online Official site

Amazon Market Link: Vendetta Online

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