JYDGE, But Cuter! Twin-Stick Shooter Vermitron Now Out On Android


Vermitron, the popular strategy game from PC is now up for grabs on Android. It was created by FobTi Interactive, known for similar titles like Jet Set Knights. On mobile, it’s published by Clickteam, who also brought out other strategy titles like One Night at Flumpty’s.

Vermitron dropped for PC players on Steam in January 2021. You can snag it on the Google Play Store for $2.99. It has a vintage vibe to it, with its pixelated graphics and 80s-style bitpop music. Love a good throwback to classic twin-stick shooters and tower defense titles? Take a peek at the trailer below!

They’re Coming!

Vermitron is set in a future planet called Bloombase 9. There’s one last flower from Old Earth that needs your help. It’s your job to fend off a swarm of insects trying to take it down. So, squash those pesky bugs, safeguard the precious flower and keep it hydrated by finding three watering cans on each level.

Your character rocks a white helmet and lays down bombs for a secondary attack. However, your primary is an infinite bug spray that goes in eight directions! You’ll also need good tower defense strategies while working the twin-stick shooter. You’ll have to collect resources, credits and upgrades, and pick the perfect spots for your towers.

While you’re trying to make flora flourish on your new planet, you’ll get chances to unlock new weapons and tower upgrades. Vermitron has a touch of roguelite, with the watering cans you need to find always being tucked away in new spots.

Will You Be Trying It Out?

With thoughtful strategies and a dash of nostalgia, Vermitron is a charming game. If you love games that have vibrant retro visuals, a quirky look and cats, you’ll like this one, too.

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