Versus Space Battle – 2 player multi-touch action on one screen, is now available

Versus Space Battle, as noted in the title, is a head to head contest played between two players on the same device. There’s no better way to describe this game other than as air hockey, with a futuristic spin.

Both sides agree to the rules, complete a solids gesture towards the center of the screen, and try to score on the other side by using swipe gestures to create little balls of energy that players strive to land in the opposing goal, or “walls” of sorts that will reflect them back in the other direction. First player to reach the agreed upon score wins the match.

As one might expect, the game *requires* two players, so no AI or single player campaigns to be found here. The game is currently available for free (I saw no IAPs, nor were any listed in Google Play) both in Google Play as well as with Amazon’s Appstore.

Amazon Marketplace: Versus Space Battle

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