Vestigium is Available Now for Pre-Registration

Vestigium is a heart-warming puzzle game where you take on the forces of evil. These evil forces are spreading across the land like a poison, and it’s up to you to collect enough magic lotus flowers to repel this horrible curse.

Vestigium – A Tranquil Puzzle Game Mixed with CCG Elements

A game like Vestigium is more than enough proof that we can consider video games as art. You play as Qirie, a gardener who’s trying to save her garden from a dark and evil curse.

Gameplay comprises grid-based levels where you have cards in your hand that represent moves, playing the right cards in the right order is the only way to clear the level. There are 48 levels across four unique worlds with no time limits, so you’re free to enjoy the challenge and ambient music.

If Vestigium is a puzzle game that you are interested in, you can pre-register from this link. The game will cost $1.99 when released and will not contain IAPs or adverts.

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