Viking Rise Is the First Major Title of 2023 from Lords Mobile Developer IGG

It’s always a good day when IGG drops a new game, and Viking Rise is shaping up to be one of the best new mobile titles of 2023. 

Viking Rise is exactly what you’d expect to see in a major SLG from the studio behind Lords Mobile. It is currently available for pre-registration on both the Google Play Store and the App Store and you will be able to get your hands on it when it launches 14th April.

On the graphical front, it boasts some seriously impressive character models, a unique Norse-inspired aesthetic style, and filmlike animation. 

The gameplay sees you stepping into the well-worn shoes of a Viking chief and setting out to conquer the unexplored continent of Midgard. 

This involves establishing a village for your people and cultivating it into a thriving stronghold. As your village grows you’ll steadily accumulate wealth and power, and you’ll need both to confront the danger posed by other players and their bloodthirsty armies. 

As ever, there are heroes to summon. This eclectic cast of characters from Norse and Viking mythology accelerate your progress by taking on some of the tasks involved in city management, giving you more time to focus on being awesome. 

Combat is a huge part of Viking Rise – and, hell, any game involving Vikings – but the city management side of the game is just as deep and engaging. 

As your village grows you’ll need to recruit workers to hunt, build, collect, and generally keep everything ticking along. Interestingly, their activities are impacted by a day/night cycle and various seasonal effects, adding a layer of strategic depth.

Plus, not all villages are the same. You can choose to develop yours into a trade center, a resource hub, or an impregnable military fortress, giving Viking Rise’s shared online world a huge amount of variety, and you a huge amount of potential to personalize your experience. 

On top of all that, Viking Rise features exploration by land and sea, multiplayer dungeons where you can take on powerful bosses alongside your fellow alliance members, and territorial wars in the Divine Realm.

Valhalla is calling! Pre-register Viking Rise on the Google Play Store, or the App Store now!

For further information and updates, follow the official Viking Rise Facebook page or join their Discord community!

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