Vikingard x Vikings Crossover Event Kicks Off

Feature image for our Vikingard crossover news. It shows several characters from the MGM series Vikings advancing across a beach, with Ragnar Lothbrok sat in the foreground.

What’s a more natural combination than the mobile game Vikingard and Vikings? The show that is, Vikingard has plenty of Vikings already. NetEase has launched an all-new Vikingard crossover event with the MGM series to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary.

If you’re a fan of both you’ll be seeing some very familiar faces around your settlement.

A Second Time Teaming Up With Vikings

This crossover is the second of its kind and is set to run from March 21st. This time it will focus on the story of Bjorn, around the third and fourth seasons of the show. Fittingly, Bjorn and Ubbe are recruited as heroes for the duration. If you missed the first crossover, you’ll also get the chance to snag some of its heroes again.

With the event comes the storyline, where you can follow Bjorn over eight all-new missions. Included in the missions are several new mini-games, covering events like Bjorn’s fight with the bear, and the rescue of Mercia.

The Vikingard crossover also brings various packs that have challenges for unlocking new Hersirs, skins, and a story album.

If you dig the event idea, but you’re too busy to hop on right now, don’t fret too much. The crossover runs for two months, so there’s no shortage of time to enjoy whatever it has to offer.

A Laid-Back Time In The Dark Ages

Vikingard is a casual sim RPG where you take on the role of the leader of the struggling Fharun tribe. You must help your people survive and extend your influence across a dark age world. You’ll need to expand your lands, grow crops to feed your people, and get your hands dirty in combat.

The game stretches over a diverse set of gameplay styles. There’s strategy, romance, settlement-building, and even pets you can take care of. How did that Norseman get a koala?

If this sounds like your speed, you can grab the game on Google Play.

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