Virus Effect RPG Beta

Take 2 parts 2D graphics, 2 parts platform shooter, 1 part RPG, shake vigorously and pour into chilled glass, add 1 cherry and a slice of orange to finish it off and what do you get? Virus Effect by Corv Studios LLC. Virus Effect, if you haven’t guessed by now, is a platform shooter/RPG title offering a unique style of game play that has yet to be seen on Android.

When I say yet to be seen, I’m referring to the actual style of the game, an RPG/platform shooter. Playing this on my N1 I didn’t experience any issues as some people are reporting with their N1 (scrambled graphics), other users have reported that with older gen phones such as the G1 it won’t go into full screen mode. This is a beta release so there will be bugs and I haven’t tried it on my G1 yet to see if I can reproduce the non-full screen bug. Keep that in mind when you go to try this game out.

You move your little robot by tilting your phone left or right and jumping is done via tapping the top of the screen and crouching by tapping the bottom. To aim and shoot you just tap on the enemy you want to shoot. There are multiple weapons you can use along the way as well, everything from a pistol to flame throwers and guns where the bullets bounce off walls. As you kill enemies you gain XP and money as well which you use to improve your robot with.

This game is actually based off of their flash game and was ported over to Android and since this is the Lite/Beta version you only go through the training episode. It’s still a fun little game with a good amount of potential and I’m looking forward to when the full version is released to really see how in-depth the RPG element is in this game (since you don’t really get to experience it in this version much). Feel free to grab it off the Android market for free, if you find any bugs let the developer know. You can also play the flash version on the developers website.

Developer Website: Corv Studios LLC

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