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Void Tyrant: Eyes of Chronos is Releasing Thursday (Update)

It turns out that Void Tyrant is coming to iOS on Thursday, not Android. The developer reached out and provided a link where we can sign up and get notified when the game is released on Android. Sorry for any confusion caused by this, hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long!

If you haven’t yet heard of Void Tyrant: Eyes of Chronos, then allow me to explain. Void Tyrant is the latest creation by Armor Studios and is best described as card-based strategy RPG.

How Does Void Tyrant’s Card-Based Combat Work?

There are a lot of different card-based RPGs out there, each with a similar way of attacking your enemy. In Void Tyrant, combat is more to do with a Blackjack type of system.

This is where each card you place has a certain value, with the ideal goal being to get to a combined total of 12. The person at the end of the round who is closer to 12 is the only one to damage the opponent.

If you are interested in Void Tyrant and would like to know more, then follow this link to Armor Games Studios official site.

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