Void Tyrant is out Now, What’s Changed Since the Beta?

Void Tyrant has been on my radar for some time now, but at last, it has been fully released. The developers have been working throughout the Beta to give us some fresh content for Void Tyrants release, so here it is!

Void Tyrant – What’s New and What have they fixed?

New Content

  • New Assassin class.
  • 44 New cards
  • New side areas: Fingell Valley and Shipwreck.
  • One new boss, four new enemies and three NPC’s.
  • Four new armour sets: Initiate, Assassin, Bloodletter and Power.
  • Six new weapon cards and six new skill cards.
  • New Perk: Duelist Reflexes.


  • Certain attacks cost less EP and deal more damage.
  • The shop prices have been adjusted.
  • Bosses can no longer instant kill you after reviving.
  • Certain areas now have a higher drop rate for mission items: Shipwreck and Maintenance Tunnel.
  • A ton of bugs has been squashed.

If you want to know more about Void Tyrant, you can read one of my previous articles. If you would rather jump right in and download a copy, then you can do so from the Play Store.

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