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Welcome to the fourth edition of our game of the poll. We will be highlighting the best and highest profile games released, and you can make your selection from there. You’ll also find out the previous week’s winner as voted by you, our readers. So as the sun sets on another week of releases, cast your vote and pick the best one.

 Asura Cross by Gamevil

Asura Cross is an adventure fighting game featuring eight different modes of gameplay and an intriguing storyline. Uncover the story of Jin as he delves deeper into the world of Asura Cross. You can choose your own adventure in the story mode featuring multiple endings, or play a multiplayer game with a friend.

Google Play Link: Asura Cross

Gunslugs by OrangePixel

Gunslugs is a 2D action platformer featuring pixel art graphics. Its biggest draw is that the levels are randomly generated. As such, no two play sessions will be the same. Drive tanks, fly using your jetpack and uncover secret levels. Non-stop action, chaos and destruction is promised. Can you save the planet in the war against the Black Duck Army?

Google Play Link: Gunslugs | Gunslugs Free

Gene Effect by Lightstorm 3D

Gene Effect takes place in the not so distant future. Mankind explores space using an ancient technology found in an abandoned alien ore mine on Mars. We are now capable of exploiting resources from foreign planets. One day a mining vessel is missing on the planet Kratoss. What starts as a simple rescue mission turns into the discovery of a secret that threatens the existence of mankind.

Google Play Link: Gene Effect

Lode Runner Classic by Tozai Games

Lode Runner Classic combines the game play and all 150 levels of the award-winning Apple II original Lode Runner with graphics and features engineered for today’s advanced smartphones. The game’s frantic action takes place in maze-like, static levels, where a single player dodges enemies while running and climbing to reach and claim stacks of gold.

Google Play Link: Lode Runner

Rise of the Blobs by Robot Invader

Waves of hungry blobs are making their way up a column towards our stranded marshmallow hero! Help Marsh Mal survive the invasion by filling blobs with fruit and popping them in massive chains. Once you’ve mastered the basics, a collection of other game modes are waiting to challenge you in new ways.

Google Play Link: Rise of the Blobs

The Lords of Midnight by Chilli Hugger Software

Mike Singleton’s ’84 classic Adventure Strategy game, brought to and updated for Android. The Lords of Midnight is not simply an adventure game nor simply a war game. It was really a new type that became known as an epic game, for as you play The Lords of Midnight you will be writing a new chapter in the history of the peoples of the Free.

Google Play Link: The Lord of Midnight

Tupsu by Evgeni Gorjedev

Guide Tupsu through a series of challenging and fun levels in this beautiful physics-based puzzle game. In Tupsu, you connect your cute furry little monster’s eyes to floating islands that advance him closer to the stars he wants to collect. Levels offer a wide array of difficulty, some even quite challenging even for advance players.

Google Play Link: Tupsu

Also the winner of last week’s vote for Game of the Week is Dungelot by Red Winter Software which won by a ridiculous landslide over all the other entries. It wasn’t even close. Congratulations to Dungelot for being a pretty addictive little game.

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