RuneScape Meets Pokémon GO in WalkScape

The WalkScape map

Isn’t it a crying shame that you’ve occasionally got to stop playing RuneScape to go to work or get groceries? Well, those troubles are about to come to an end when WalkScape launches this summer.

That lawsuit-baiting title sums up exactly what you can expect. You choose a skill you want to level up, and walk to gain experience. Along the way, your in-game character will explore over 20 in-game locations and occasionally uncover treasure.

Walkie Craftie

Crafting plays a big part in WalkScape too, and there are over 300 items to create. It isn’t clear if the auction house will make an appearance in WalkScape, but we’d hope there’s plenty to do with your unwanted gear.

That pretty much wraps up everything that’s included in the game at this point, but the developers have big plans for the future. These included online leaderboards and achievements, to give you a sense of, well, achievement.

Then there’s everything you’d expect from a RuneScape-like: character customisation, a profile detailing your progress, and a full overworld map. You can also view the locations you’ve visited in more depth.

Closed Beta

WalkScape isn’t currently available, which will make you all deeply sad to read. We’ve just spent the last few paragraphs bigging it up, after all.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as a closed beta will launch this summer. We can’t narrow it down further than that, but you can follow the Reddit, Twitter, official site, or Discord for further details.

Of course, you could also check out RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and Melvor Idle while you wait. We’ve also put together a list of the best new Android games this week if you fancy something shiny and new.

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