[Updated] Want to watch Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Realms) development live? Johan is streaming live right now

For those of you looking towards the upcoming 0.7.0 update and the main feature that will start rolling out with the update which is Minecraft Pocket Realms, Mojang’s new service to allow Minecraft: Pocket Edition players the ability to experience true miiltiplayer gaming and even rent out their own servers, Johan Bernhardsson will be live streaming via TwitchTV in the next few minutes

What the live stream will actually showcase remains to be seen but we are guessing it will have lots to do with the upcoming Minecraft Pocket Realms service. For those of you who do not want to head over to TwitchTV or watch the stream via the Android application, we have embedded the stream below for your viewing pleasure.

Update April 3rd, 8:40qam: The stream is now over. However, you can watch the recorded version below.

If you happen to miss the stream, we will embed the recorder version once the stream is done here as well so you can watch it later as well as round-up any additional info that may come to light from the livestream.

Website Referenced: Johan Bernhardsson TwichTV

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