Warcraft Rumble Nets $14 Million For The Hoard

the image shows a mobile phone with the game launched displaying a bunch of characters from warcraft rumble. The game logo is to the left and forefront of the image in bold yellow

After just 2 weeks of launch, Warcraft Rumble has amassed $14 Million in sales earning a podium for its high turnover in such a short release window time. This combined statistic comes from the App Store and Play Store sales which were then shared through the analytical statistics website, AppMagic.

The Rumbling Statistics

It’s debatable whether you find this part interesting or not, but let’s dive into the numbers that produced such a hearty earnings sum. Across both Android and iOS, Warcraft Rumble gained 3 million installs globally within their first two weeks. The game itself was released on November 3rd, 2023.

The majority of downloads came from the USA, which amounted to 24.5% of the overall installs! The USA naturally was the leading revenue earner too with $6.2 Million in sales over those two weeks totaling 44.6% of the 2-week earnings amount.

Across both the platforms where gamers downloaded Warcraft Rumble, iOS players took the edge with 54.6% of total downloads. This of course leaves Android hanging behind with 45.5% of downloads over the two-week release.

Now I’m not saying you should download Warcraft Rumble, but if you want to support a genuinely good game with statistics to match then download the game. We need to knock the iOS gamers off the top.

About Warcraft Rumble

Naturally, you may be curious about the game given the earnings because surely it’s good right? Well, I’ll tell you a snippet about the game and let you decide for yourself.

Warcraft Rumble is a collect-and-clash style game where you uncover an army of mini fighters to take down challenging bosses and clash in PvP. The game invites fast-paced chaos to keep you hooked on progression as you traverse the campaign.

You can find out more on Warcraft Rumble over on the Play Store! Where you can download and begin playing for free! Before you go don’t forget to check out some of our other news. Par for the Dungeon is a Golfing Roguelike Out Now on Android.

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