Warhammer: Odyssey’s Slayer Class Has Been Revealed

Warhammer: Odyssey is an upcoming mobile MMORPG that aims to play like a PC MMORPG. We don’t know much about it just yet, but developer Virtual Realms has started to drip-feed us with more information.

The latest is a reveal of the Slayer class, a dwarven DPS or tank that will appeal to fans of getting up close and personal with their enemies.

The Slayer Can be a Damage Dealer or Tank, Depending on Your Preference

As a Slayer, you can either fight with dual axes, focusing on DPS, or a two-handed axe, in which instance you’ll become the tank.

DPS players will be the masters of single-target DPS with lots of critical hits, while tanks will use plenty of damage-resistant abilities and taunts.

To learn more about the Slayer class, check out the official blog post. You can also learn about the Witch Hunter, another Warhammer: Odyssey class, in this blog post.

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