Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Updated With Two New Heroes

Perchang has updated its fantasy, Games Workshop-based dungeon crawler yet again. Following on the heels of the massive Shadows Over Hammerhal upgrade, the new Fyre and Sorcery update has added a couple of new characters to the turn-based strategy game.

The first of the new characters is the Auric Hearthguard. This is a dwarf with a massive stick that shoots out fire. He’s a ranged character that uses his Magmapike to burn his foes.

Then there’s the Sorceress, a magic wielder with wildly impractical armor who does awful things to her enemies with a flick of her staff. Fantasy stuff is so weird sometimes.

The update also includes a whole pile of new weapons that you can equip your heroes with, and there’s new additions to the campaign as well in the shape of some new stories.

You can grab Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, including the new Fyre and Sorcery update, for free from the Play Store right this second by clicking here.

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