Warpath by Synthetic Reality is a multiplayer (either human or bots) game that takes place in the future. You can play it as a strategy battle game or a simulation game that doesn’t end. You can colonize uninhabited planets, buy weapons and ships, shop, mine planet, fight and more. This game is still currently in development even though it’s on the market but is actually pretty solid right now with some good graphics and interactive gameplay.

This game has a lot of features, more then I am able to list here in detail. There are four different interface windows:

COMM which is the communications panel where all your communications are kept.

Galaxy panel is where you find information about the galaxy, maps, history, status of your competitors, and your electronic guide book.

Orbit is used when you orbit a planet. This is where you will handle all your interactions with a planet. You’ll be able to Mine, Sell Cargo, Borrow Money, Make Investments, Shop and Equip your ship.

Tactical is where you handle your ships navigation as you fly through the galaxy and your weapons control. Inside the tactical panel you have two modes: NAV and WPN which mean Navigation and Weapon. Tapping the screen in NAV mode makes you fly in that direction, tapping it in WPN mode makes you shoot your weapons in that direction.

Planet can also be friendly or hostile which you’ll see based on their aura, red = hostile and green = friendly. Uninhabited planets don’t have an aura at all.

The game requires a minimum of 2 players and a max of 4 whether they be human or bots. There is a lot more to this game which I haven’t scratched the surface of just yet. Some options include difficulty settings, bot settings (smart vs dumb), hints, bot chatter and more. Definitely a game worth checking out and more is already planned for upcoming releases. You can find this on the market for $1.99.

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