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Warzone Mobile Competitive Mode Leaked – What Can We Expect?

feature image for our warzone mobile competitive news, the image features promo art of a soldier wearing a bullet proof vest and a mask with horns on, as well as headphones, the game's logo is to the right with the text "take the fight with you"

Are you a fan of Call of Duty and competitive gaming? Well, the Warzone Mobile competitive scene may launch sooner than you think. Thanks to this tweet from an account that specialises in reporting Warzone leaks, the game could get a competitive game mode at some point. 

For more information about Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, visit the game’s official website or download the game on Google Play.

Battle Royale: Competitive Mode…Possibly

At this current time, it’s suspected that the Warzone Mobile competitive mode will be limited to the Battle Royale game mode at first. This isn’t to say that the competitive mode won’t be expanded to other parts of the game in the future though.

Call of Duty Warzone already has an ongoing competition, named “World Series of Warzone”. However, an official competitive mode would be totally different. Although, the tweet does suggest that the Warzone competitive scene could follow the same rules of World Series of Warzone.

What is the World Series of Warzone Competition?

In fact, World Series of Warzone has been a recurring event over the past few years, dating back to 2021. The competition covers regionals, qualifiers, in-game opens, and regional finals. It’s important to note that this is an in-person event, which can limit the amount of people who can take part in it.

Adding an official competitive mode to the game itself will certainly prove popular, especially since Ranked Play has already been a successful addition to other Call of Duty titles. 

It would make sense to utilise the same rules as the already existing World Series of Warzone competition, but they may need to change it up a little to adapt to suit playing from home.

The Nature of a Game Leak

As this information is a leak, we don’t know much about the potential Warzone Mobile competitive mode that is more than likely under development right now. 

We can expect to see somewhat of a ranking system, with potential rewards on offer too. Only time will tell what the competitive scene will look like, and it all depends on if this leak is true!

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