It’s a Raining Plague! Jorge, the Rotten Mercenary, Joins Watcher of Realms

The feature image for the news of Jorge the Rotten Mercenary joining Watcher of Realms has the hero Jorge with the body of a skeleton with little skin left in a broken armor, holding a sword. The banner also has details of his talents, capabilities and ranks on the left and right side.

You can now add a new hero to your ranks – Jorge, the Rotten Mercenary! Risen from the clutches of death, Jorge finds himself cursed with unending life. Driven by a relentless quest to understand his bizarre predicament, he, unfortunately, leaves a trail of pestilence in his wake. In Watcher of Realms, Jorge the Rotten Mercenary fights for answers, his presence both a blessing and a curse.

An Unfortunate Power

Jorge, belongs to the Defender class. He specializes in soaking up damage and protecting his allies. His signature talent, DMG, scales off DEF and rewards sturdy builds. When enemies pound on Jorge with ground unit attacks, there’s a rising chance they’ll contract a nasty case of Plague—a debilitating debuff that can turn the tide of battle.

In Watcher of Realms, Jorge the Rotten Mercenary brings a complex playstyle, rewarding strategic defense and plague management. The lower Jorge’s health dips, the more likely foes will catch this contagious curse. Jorge’s basic attack, AQE DMG Infection, is a straightforward but potent strike that can incapacitate a single enemy. But his true strength lies in his Watcher ability. 

This auto-cast buff surges when triggered, bolstering Jorge’s defenses and spreading Plague to any enemy daring to block him. Not only that, but the Plague’s damage on nearby targets gets a nasty upgrade, making them regret underestimating the Rotten Mercenary.

Ultimate Contagion

Jorge’s ultimate ability takes his talent for plague-spreading to a whole new level. Once activated, after the Plague damages a target five times, it leaps to another foe, potentially creating a domino effect of pestilence. This contagious chain reaction can quickly cripple your enemies, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Jorge brings plague-flavored pain to the Arena, too. His passive perk grants a flat 15% damage boost in competitive showdowns, making him a potent damage dealer for those who dare underestimate his power.

Mastering the Mercenary’s Misery

Jorge is a unique hero with a complex playstyle. By building him into a defensive powerhouse, you can maximize his talent’s potential and turn him into a plague-spewing roadblock for your enemies.

Learning to manage the spread of the Plague and leverage its debilitating effects will be essential to mastering the Rotten Mercenary. You can get started by downloading the game Watcher of Realms on Google Play!

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