Snag Lust, The Fierce Fighter, In Watcher Of Realms Valentine’s Day Event!

Watcher of Realms Valentine’s Day. it features Silas and Vierna. Silas is wearing a greyish black gown while Vierna is wearing a bridal white gown.

Valentine’s Day is almost here and seems like every game out there is catching the love bug! Watcher of Realms is also gearing up to celebrate the love season with their latest series of events, ‘ Searing Obsession.’ Keep reading to know more about the Watcher of Realms Valentine’s Day event.

It’s A Searing Obsession!

The star of the Watcher of Realms Valentine’s Day event is the hot new hero Lust. She’s an S-tier character and a fierce fighter from The Nightmare Council. She boasts skills that other heroes rarely match. She can deal out some serious damage with her rapid strikes and powerful bursts.

Having Lust on your team really amps up one of the game’s top fighters. Her bond skills are quite good, too, as she teams up perfectly with Arrogance for some insane damage boosts. She’s only available for a limited time from February 14th to February 18th. So, you definitely don’t want to miss out on recruiting her to your squad.

A Bunch Of V-Day Events And Skins

New events are lined up under the Searing Obsession theme, packed with goodies like artefacts, emojis and summoning crystals. Plus, they’re rolling out special summoning events featuring popular couples like Lust and Arrogance and Silas and Vierna. These summons come with better chances to snag these awesome heroes.

Speaking of Silas and Vierna, they’re dropping some romantic-themed skins just in time for the Watcher of Realms Valentine’s Day event. It’s Penumbral King for Silas and Moonshroud Queen for Vierna. Want to deck out your heroes in these looks? Grab Silas’ skin shards through events or grab Vierna’s vibrant skin with a special bundle in the shop.

So, if you have never played Watcher of Realms, now’s a good time to give it a go! Head to the Google Play Store and check out the title. Also, before you head out, check out our other news: Take On The Scourge Legion As Disney Realm Breakers Soft Launches In Select Regions!

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