WazHack dungeon crawls its way onto Android, offers you permanent death as well

Developed by Waz, this new roguelike dungeon crawling game is a bit different than other games in this genre. For starters, it isn’t about how fast you hack your way through the dungeon as time only moves forward when your character moves. This means you can take all the time in the world to solve any of the problems you encounter in your journey.

Another thing that sets WazHack apart is the fact that everything is rendered in 3D, a feature that rarely makes an appearance in roguelike games. Usually these types of games feature a more retro look whether it is 16-bits, 8-bit or even text-based symbols. You, of course, have a variety of classes to choose from to play in this side-scrolling adventure.

As you proceed through the dungeon, everything is generated as you move into new sections. This also means you will have different dungeons every time you try to run through the dungeon to get to the bottom and actually live doing so. The same can be said for weapons and items. Sometimes you might get good gear right away while in other runs you won’t get anything useful for awhile.

This game is definitely geared towards the more hardcore gamer as WazHack contains Permadeath. Once your character dies, that is it. You will have to start over. There are plenty of monsters in the dungeon that will try to make Permadeath happen as well, over 100 different kinds in fact. Luckily there is also over 250 different pieces of gear for you to get and use to fend off these monsters.

WazHack is available for download off of the Google Play store for free. However, when you manage to reach 300 feet down in the dungeon, you will be asked to pay $3.00 to unlock the entire game. Until you reach that depth though, you can play WazHack as much as you like without paying a cent.

Thanks to Steve P. for the tip!

Developer Website: Waz

Google Play Link: WazHack

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