Weaponize food to prevent dinosaurs from invading in Total Tomato Strike, now out on Google Play

For fans of weaponized vegetable, there’s a new game for them to sink their teeth into. Total Tomato Strike is a new game that’s a modified version of the classic Tower Defense model. Players will be flinging vegetables from a sling shot towards invading dinosaurs.

The perspective of the game is top down, with the invading theropods proceeding down a path towards the bottom of the screen, where the player controlled slingshot and other automated weapons wait to fire. The slingshot fires in a manner that’s very similar to Angry Birds, though the Point of View is quite different. Since the ammunition for the game is vegetables, players will need to plant and tend to the growing of their own weapons, either upgrading existing ones or planting new ones.

Total Tomato Strike Features:

• Use your Veggie arsenal and Sling Shot the enemy Dinos with accuracy
• Grow and attack with different Veggies to cause massive damage
• Farm and harvest your army, upgrade your defenses
• Send your friends heart to help them out!
• Play through hundreds of levels across many lands
• Face fearsome bosses including Big Dino Tanks!

Different veggies will have different abilities, and at times even the same veggie can crop up with different abilities. The tomato that players start with is the primary weapon that is fired. The potato, on the other hand, acts as a multiplier for the tomato (or other weaponry) and has a cool down period after each use, while the turnip can slow down enemies via freezing or stunning.

Total Tomato Strike includes hundreds of levels. The game is available for free from Google Play. It includes both advertisements, as well as optional IAPs. Interested players can check out the link below to download the game.

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