Webzen’s Latest Mobile Game Is a Match-3 Puzzler, and You Can Play It Right Now

ToyTopia: Match3, the highly anticipated match-three puzzler for Android and iOS, is out now in soft launch. 

In case you missed it, ToyTopia is a matching puzzler from Webzen Cube Inc, a casual subsidiary of the studio behind the hugely successful MU series of mobile and PC MMORPGs. 

It sees you matching toys to make them vanish, while going head to head against a succession of gimmick villains. 

Like Candy Crush and countless other casual match-three puzzlers, ToyTopia has vibrant presentation and highly intuitive gameplay. But unlike those games it also contains a clever city-building mechanic. 

Whenever you complete a stage in ToyTopia you earn a Star to spend at the Dreamcatcher Machine, a magical device that dispenses characters. These characters reside in the buildings in your town, generating Coins to spend on power-ups and so on. 

So, competitive matching is just one part of an experience that also includes collecting, decorating, and strategic character placement. 

If you’re struggling to visualize ToyTopia’s gameplay at this point, fear not—Webzen has put a trailer together, which you can watch below. 

And that’s not all. The studio has also created a seven day login event to celebrate ToyTopia’s launch, allowing new players to rack up rewards, special characters, and more by simply showing up every day for a week.

The ToyTopia soft launch is confined to a list of select regions, but that list is pleasingly long. 

If you live in Australia, the US, Canada, Europe, Thailand, the Philippines, or a few other places besides you should be able to find ToyTopia on your local Google Play Store right now. 

iOS users will have to wait a little bit longer, as ToyTopia is scheduled to hit the App Store on a later date. 

Head to the official ToyTopia Facebook page for the latest news, events, and community chitchat. 

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