Weird Horror Puzzler Cat Museum Out Now for Android

Cat Museum is a bizarre horror puzzler that sees you working your way through a nightmare-filled museum, solving puzzles and generally getting a bit creeped out by everything that’s happening.

The game plays like a side-scrolling adventure – there are shades of Distraint here – where you’re wandering through the titular museum. You’ll meet strange characters, uncover their backstories and say “what!?!” quite a lot.

There’s also the story of the protagonist’s childhood to discover. And a mischievous cat who’ll keep you company as you explore. It all looks wonderfully goopy and spooky, as you can see in the trailer we’ve embedded below.

The game comes from 751Games, who made the equally weird Life Gallery. So you know there’s some excellent weirdness pedigree here. Crawling about, staring at you through small windows.

You can click here to download Cat Museum from the Play Store. The initial part of the game is free, and if you like what you see you can unlock the rest with a one-off IAP.

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