Western gamers can finally get their hands on gacha RPG Final Blade

Final Blade is a massive hit over in South Korea and Taiwan, and has been ever since it landed in 2017. And now, thanks to the game’s global launch this week, you’re about to find out why.

The game is a bright, bombastic gacha RPG full of colorful characters and exciting scenarios. You play as the Black Prince, and your goal is to put an end to the strife in Middle World by defeating Cheukchun. Plus there’s a Nine Eyed Sword, which has approximately nine more eyes than a regular sword. It’s a scene.

If you’re familiar with the genre you’ll know that the Black Prince won’t be your only companion. In fact, Final Blade boasts over 300 heroes, which you add to your army through random loot drops.

The final blade

These heroes come in a variety of classes, including Ranger, Assassin, Mage, Warrior, and Healer. They hail from different factions, too, such as Border Area, Sun Sea, and the gnarly sounding Flame Cult, giving a real sense of texture to the world.

Each hero has its own skills, and they can all be levelled up and evolved, with the neat added bonus that they physically change with their upgrades. The aim is to create balanced, powered-up parties that deal with the slings and arrows that get thrown at them.

And there are so many slings and arrows. There’s the single player story campaign, World Raid, Pandemonium (those are both PvE boss missions), and a PvP arena where you can duel with other players. You can join a guild, too, opening the gates to Clan Wars.

Cut it up

Developer Sky People, along with Glohow, is marking the global launch of Final Blade with five events. Install the game right now and you’ll get copious rewards for logging in, undertaking missions, summoning heroes, and basically doing all the things you’d be doing anyway. It’s a no-brainer.

Plus, you can earn chocolate through the Valentine event. Unfortunately, Middle World isn’t the kind of place where you can safely enjoy confectionary, so the chocolate is for trading.

Final Blade has just completed a pre-registration period, during which it signed-up 300,000 users. You can play the final version for free right now on Google Play.

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