What do you get when you combine a Galaxy Nexus, Kinect and a projector?

The question of the day is what do you get when you connect a Galaxy Nexus to a projector and integrate Kinect into the mix? Awesomeness of a massive geek level, that’s what. One innovative fellow going by the name of DDRBoxman has done exactly that to make a wall-size Android touchscreen running Ice Cream Sandwich.

I’m sure after just reading that you can already guess at some of the gaming implications that could be had with this little (or big) set-up. The whole thing is actually pretty impressive. DDRBoxman hooked up his Galaxy Nexus Android phone to a projector to display the screen on his wall (roughly 50″ in size). From there he connected his Kinect device to his PC and using a custom ROM, maps out the sensors and the phone’s interface so the wall-size screen would react as though it actually was a touchscreen.

While the whole set-up seems fairly easy, it actually isn’t considering that DDRBoxman has to develop the custom ROM from source in order to have the Galaxy Nexus accept input from the TUIO application so that when Kinect reads your gesture as pressing an icon on the wall-sized screen, it will react just as if it was a real touchscreen. Pretty impressive and you can check it out in action in the video above.

Website Referenced: AndroidCommunity

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