Where Shadows Slumber is on Sale Now

Where Shadows Slumber is a minimalistic mobile adventure game, which is full of puzzles and mystery. You play as Obe, an old man who stumbles across a lantern in a world plunged into darkness.

Where Shadows Slumber – A Light-Based Puzzle Game

In this universe, any object that is not touched by the rays from a light source has the freedom to change. To solve puzzles you will need to plunge objects into darkness. The only problem is that if you fall into darkness, you will change as well.

Gameplay features eight worlds, each with their own secrets. Intuitive touch controls, which probably means there is no controller support, and a load of puzzles to solve.

Where Shadows Slumber is most likely a game you’ve never heard of. If you are afraid of putting a couple of bucks down for the full version, then there is a demo to try first. If you would rather pay for a premium experience, then you can get the full version here.

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