White Cat Project New Worlds Update, Brings Lycoris Recoil Collaboration and Purrfect Pom Pom Purin Event!

The feature image for the news on White Cat Project New Worlds has the collaboration with Lycoris Recoil's banner on it. The image has the backdrop od the ciy with characters from both the titles in the front.

White Cat Project New Worlds just launched version 4.56.0, which features a fresh lick of paint and a new icon featuring the Lycoris Recoil collaboration that started earlier this week. This update also includes bug fixes.

New World, Who Dis?

Are you new to the White Cat Project New Worlds? This action RPG gets you into a world where a white and black cat clash on a floating continent.

The game’s heart and soul lie in its “Skill Combination” battle system. You can make your dream team of feline fighters and unleash a flurry of fur-ocious skills one after another. Additionally, you can experiment with character combos and skill sequences to discover the most pawsome battle strategies.

Team up with three other players and tackle challenging quests in the cooperative battle mode. Put your skills to the test, strategize with your buddies, and enjoy the thrill of vanquishing enemies together.

Purr-fect Party

With 12 unique professions to choose from, you can assemble the most pawsome party ever. Sworders, martial artists, archers – the choice is yours! Strategize and create a well-rounded team to conquer any obstacle.

White Cat Project New Worlds offers a training system that lets you customize your characters to your liking. Craft powerful weapons, equip helpful accessories, and build a charming town to make your feline companions the strongest they can be.

Pom Pom Purin Party Time!

To celebrate the birthday of the adorable Pom Pom Purin, White Cat Project New Worlds is hosting a unique 24-hour event on Travel Island Cat. Here’s how to join the purr-ty:

Whip up event recipes using the “kawaii kitchen car.” If all players work together and create 240,416 recipes, everyone will receive a special Pom Pom Purin decoration with unique voice lines!

During the event, you’ll also get double the usual event medals when you sell recipes inspired by Pom Pom Purin. Ten lucky players will be randomly chosen to win a unique original photo clock featuring a Lycoris Recoil collaboration design.

This event runs for 24 hours only on April 16th. So, what are you waiting for? Download White Cat Project New Worlds on Google Play and join the purr-petual adventure!

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