What The Cluck Is Who Let The Chickens Out?

The image is a four-way split collage showing in-game screenshots from the game Who Let The Chickens Out. The bottom of the image shows different elements of the game

Ever wondered what the KFC backrooms look like? Well, the team at Vikas Pawar certainly did. They created this silly new Android game that gives you all that and more! Drumstick.. No I mean, drumroll please, for the entrance of “Who Let The Chickens Out?” with the official trailer below.

What The Cluck Is This All About?

Take aim and snipe down these mother-cluckers, or watch as they mock you with their laugh emotes for failing to land a shot in this hilariously bizarre adventure. Putting your accuracy and precision to the test, Who Let The Chickens Out tasks you with levels upon levels of feathery madness. 

Explore diverse environments and uncharted destinations as you work through plenty of engaging and challenging levels. From peaceful backyards to frenzied farmland, this game is truly a family bucket! Promising funny and entertaining gameplay for all ages, perfect for family quality time. 


Don’t chicken out, there’s more to do! With goals to keep you motivated, and spoils to pair. You can unlock plenty of juicy rewards from the achievements board, giving you that heightened sense of accomplishment as you progress the game. Go head to head and compete against friends for who has the sharpest accuracy, or take on the global leaderboards to see who truly is the ultimate chicken whisperer.

Who Let The Chickens Out is seasoned well with cheery humour and entwined with catchy levels. It is easy to become addicted to the flavour of the game! Turning those feathered pests into chicken legs is surely every vegan’s nightmare. But even they will admit that this game is frantically hilarious.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

To check out this game of course! You can download Who Let The Chickens Out Here from the Play Store, and get practicing those sharpshooting skills right away!

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