Wicket Cricket Manager Is One of the Most Comprehensive Sports Management Sims on Mobile

Cricket is one of the subtlest and most complex sports on the planet, with everything from the composition of the team to the meteorological conditions on the pitch dictating whether you win or lose. 

That makes it an ideal sport for a management sim, and Wicket Cricket Manager is one of the most comprehensive, detailed, and downright playable cricket games we’ve played. 

Created by an ambitious indie developer called Manny, Wicket Cricket Manager sees you picking a country, region, and team before taking your squad from the bottom of the lowest league all the way to the top of the international cricketing hierarchy. 

En route to this destination you’ll tick every conceivable box on the cricket management checklist, from bringing in new talent through the youth academy to dealing with contract negotiations.

Plus, you’ll find yourself responsible for building and upgrading a world-beating training facility where your players can reach their potential, expanding your stadium to accommodate your legions of fans, and setting ticket prices to maximize profits. 

That’s not the only way to raise a few coins, of course. You’ll also need to handle sponsorship deals, attracting wealthier and more reputable partners as your own reputation grows. 

And then there’s the small matter of winning games. To achieve this feat you’ll need to field the strongest possible XI, taking into account player statistics, the strength of your opponents and a million other factors. 

Not all of these elements are predictable, of course, and Wicket Cricket Manager likes to keep you on your toes with random events such as illnesses and injuries. 

The thing we like about Wicket Cricket Manager is that it’s scalable. There’s almost unlimited depth and nuance for those players who want to take a deep dive, but you can configure the simulation settings to make things simpler if intricate detail isn’t your cup of tea. 

Either way, you’re bound to have a blast working your way up through the ranks and taking on other players in the daily multiplayer tournaments. Wicket Cricket Manager is a Cricket Game everyone can enjoy.

To get the ball rolling, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download Wicket Cricket Manager for free right now. 

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