Wildbit Studios giving away lots of zCash this holiday season for Paper Zombie

Wildbit Studios is giving players of Paper Zombie a chance to earn up to $70 worth of free zCash this holiday season in a promotion where you just have to share/invite your friends to play the game. In other words you can get up to 19,000 in free zCash, not too shabby.

Here is how the promotion works as explained by Wildbit Studios:

Beginning Friday, December 16 through January 2, 2012, Paper Zombie Android players will automatically receive $40.00 (which is 10,000 zCash dollars) for simply opening the game on their Android phone. Note: zCash is the official in-app currency for Paper Zombie to purchase additional weapons.

  • To earn $30.00 of additional zCash, the player simply has to “promo code share/invite” as follows:
  • Player automatically receives $40 for simply opening the game on their Android phone, then The player can receive an additional $10, $10 and $10 for simply inviting 3 other players to download the game with their unique zCode.

For example, I invited you and you installed the game and opened it (which automatically banks 10,000 zCash in your account – $40), you entered my zCode (for another deposit of 3,000 zCash – $10), and you gave me your zCode and I entered it (for another deposit of 3,000 zCash – $10, which I too receive in my account); a total of $70 of free zCash.


So if you happen to be playing Paper Zombie and want to nab some of those high powered weapons so you can more effectively shoot the paper zombies in the face with, here is one way to nab a bunch of free zCash in order to accomplish that goal. Enjoy!

Developer Website: Wildbit Studios

Android Market Link: Paper Zombies

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