Shuffle Your Cards In New Tower Defense Title Wildfrost, Out Now on Android!


Wildfrost is finally out on Android! Originally dropped for PC gamers, this tactical roguelike deck-builder from Chucklefish has won the hearts of many payers since its debut last year. Created by Deadpan Games and Gaziter, you can now dive into the wintry world of the game on your phone!

Deck-Building On Icy Landscapes

In Wildfrost, you’re plunged into a tactical arena and every card placement can turn the outcome of the battle. Toggling your cards around or patching them up doesn’t call time on your turn, but throw a card into play and that’s your move locked in.

Your adventure begins by choosing a leader from one of the game’s several tribes. Kick things off with the Snowdwellers and discover even more tribes as you progress. Once you’ve picked your tribe’s champion, it’s off to battle across the icy wilderness. There, you’ll face a diverse range of foes.

Following that, it’s bringing back allies for a quick fix-up, taking down a set number of baddies and dishing out a precise whack of damage. Achieving these goals will let you snag new stuff in your village hub.

You’ll also have a delightful creature tagging along from the get-go. As you venture on, you’ll rally a quirky crew of two to three additional pals, curating your pack of cards with attacks, boosts, cuts and wondrous items. With three unique main decks which have clever perks, you’re in for a new challenge every time.

While you’re gearing up for some cool card clashes, take a quick look at the Wildfrost mobile trailer below!

Will You Try Wildfrost?

The mobile version retains all the whimsical charm of the original game: cute to the max! Everything in the game, from the bright colours to the straightforward animations, mesh amazingly with the frosty theme and story world. Glide over to the official website to grab the game on your phone.  

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