Win a Custom Pair of Nike Air Force 1s in the ZHC x Matchy Catch Launch Event

Jyamma Games, the hotshot young studio from Milan that made a splash last year with Hi-Ball Rush, has just released its second game: an accessible and inventive puzzler called Matchy Catch.

Like Hi-Ball Rush, Matchy Catch is aimed squarely at casual players, prioritizing simple fun over tedious complexity.

To celebrate the launch, Jyamma Games has partnered up with art YouTuber ZHC – the talented young man who has attracted more than 15 million subscribers to his channel by applying custom designs to things like phones, tablets, PC towers, and even cars. 

ZHC’s designs are awesome, and unspeakably desirable owing to their rarity. Thanks to the ZHC x Matchy Catch event, you can get your hands on your very own ZHC original in the form of a custom-designed pair of Nike Air Force 1 trainers. And all you need to do is play a game.

Matchy Catch is an essential download, with or without the promise of rad trainers. This unique puzzler takes the match-three format and strips out everything but the raw essence. There’s no swiping or swapping – just straight up tapping. All you need to do is select the symbols in your collection that match the ones one the board, in the right order.

Even the combos are simple, and bonus powers make the game even easier by simplifying the sequences (Rainbow Hammer), freezing time (Spawn Freeze), and so on. 

Matchy Catch is designed to be as casual and relaxing as possible. It’s the perfect game for those moments when you just want to zone out in front of some pretty colors and pleasant noises. 

At the time of writing, just a day after launch, Matchy Catch is sitting on a perfect 5 star average review rating on the Google Play Store, which figures – Hi-Ball Rush boasts a 4.7 average score from 800 reviews, so Jyamma Games clearly knows the winning formula.

You can download Matchy Catch for free right now on the App Store and Google Play. And we recommend you get in fast if you want a shot at those trainers – you can start taking part in the competition by clicking here too.

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