Winners of the $125 worth of MobaCoin prizes are…

So we had a fun little giveaway last week as we partnered up with Mobage to help promote their new Twitter account. All you had to do was follow both DroidGamers and Mobage’s new Twitter account and do a little tweet and you were entered. It’s time to pick the winners.

We have five (5) prizes of MobaCoin worth $125 each which is a ton of MobaCoin (7,900 I believe), the in-game currency for titles that use the Mobage social gaming network. This in-game currency can be used for a wide range of things and can be used in any of the games that allows for in-game purchases through the use of MobaCoin.

So without further delay on my part, here are the winners who will each receive one of the five $125 packs of MobaCoin which will be deposited into your Mobage account:

1) The Archgeek
2) David Ortiz Mayoral
3) Julius a.k.a ScoutNinja
4) Jereon Heijster
5) Brian H.

All five of you have 48 hours to e-mail us at 702records [at] gmail [dot] com with your Mobage Gamernames so we can pass it along to Mobage so they can go ahead and drop a ton of MobaCoin into your account.

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