Woo Games bringing multiplayer to FRG, beta sign-up now available

Woo Games developed FRG and FRG Deluxe awhile back which has been a staple on many gamers phones since their release. In the past it has been updated with Achievements and Leaderboards thanks to Scoreloop but it seems Woo Games want to take it a step further. FRG is getting multiplayer and beta sign-up is now available!

FRG is a top-down shoot-em-up robot battle game where you battle enemy robots that come in waves. As you progress through the game it gets harder each level but luckily you can unlock better weapons as you continue your mission to destroy all the bad robots. The addition of multiplayer to this game is really going to bring a new dimension to it.


In multiplayer mode, you’ll be battling against up to 7 other people (8 in total on the map if you include yourself) over 3G or local WiFi. So where can you sign up for the multiplayer beta? Just download FRG or FRG Deluxe and you’ll be signed up! You can grab FRG for free off the Android Market (basically a lite version of the game) or FRG Deluxe for $3.00.

Developer Website: Woo Games

Market Link: FRG Deluxe

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