Canned World of Warcraft Mobile has been resurrected at Blizzard

Blizzard’s cancelled World of Warcraft Mobile dead may be resurrected. After canning the project with development partner NetEase, the mobile MMO may be developed in-house instead. 

Following the backlash of Diablo Immortal, NetEase’s WoW mobile port was cancelled. With Blizzard now in charge of the off project, will it be any good? 

Is World of Warcraft Mobile coming? 

Posted on Reddit, Blizzard is still working on some form of a World of Warcraft Mobile game. Previously, Blizzard mobile games have been handled by third-party developers, but this new project will be handled by the studio. 

A number of job listings at Vlizzard reveal that a Warcraft game is still in development for phones. One job listing asks for a Principal Pipeline Technical Artist, the other a Principal Character Concept Artist. 

Blizzard is looking for a highly motivated and talented Character Concept Artist to join a new Warcraft mobile project,” reads the latter job description. 

It’s unsure whether or not this project is still the same title NetEase was working on. That title was to be a WoW Mobile game developed independently from the main release. This would involve completely different content whilst still being set in Azeroth and retaining its MMO style. 

With Blizzard now at the helm, this title could be more in-line with the original MMO. Unfortunately, it may not be the straight port we all want, but it could still be fun. 

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It could be something else

Of course, the existence of a Warcraft game on mobile doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a WoW game. However, with years of development put into the previous project, it’s possible that this is the canned MMO. 

Nevertheless, there could be a new title in development at Blizzard. However, knowing that studio, it’ll still be years until we see any release on any platform. 

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