Is Wuthering Waves the Next Big RPG? Pre-Registration Opens And Trailer Drops Clues

The feature image for the news on Wuthering Waves Pre-registration is the character rover flying with dark purple wings, launching an attack mid-air.

Wuthering Waves, the open-world action RPG, has finally announced its start date! It will go live on May 22nd (PT)! Those who sign up early will be among the first to set foot in Wuthering Waves when it launches on May 22nd. The Wuthering Waves pre-registration is open on the main Wuthering Waves website, and Google Play.

The celebration includes the release of a trailer called “Waking of a World.” It shows players the beautiful environments and exciting fights to come. Rovers, take a look for yourself!

Figuring out the mysteries

“Awakened with an unknown past, where do you go from here?” The trailer opens with this question. This starts your trip as a Rover. He has lost his memory and is driven to figure out their past in a world of secrets.

Then, we see beautiful glimpses of Wuthering Wave’s massive, colorful world. Tall mountains break up the clouds, and the woods are full of life. A busy city buzzes with life, giving you a taste of the people you’ll meet.

Wuthering Waves isn’t just a tour book, however. The video goes into full-on action as the main character fights powerful enemies. There are fast-paced battles that show off different tools and skills and get players ready for the tough fights that are to come.

The video also shows some memorable people you’ll meet on your journey. There’s Yuanwu, the calm martial arts master, and Taoqi, the reliable protector. Jianxin, who practices the old style of fighting called Fengyiquan, wants to see the world, while Verina, a wise gardener, is determined to take care of the land.

Note from the Developer

As the Wuthering Waves pre-registration begins, the makers have also sent a message explaining their changes and improvements based on what people said during the Closed Beta Test II. Some of these are improvements to the fighting system, changes that make it easier to get and handle Echoes, and many changes that improve story images and graphics.

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