X-Bugs invade Android, brings a new type of bug squashing game

There is a new bug squashing game on Android from developers Art Technology called X-Bugs. While at its core it is a bug squishing game, X-Bugs takes it to a few different levels where other bug squashing games haven’t gone to just yet. Mutant bugs with special powers? Yup, that is in this game too.

In X-Bugs you have to squish as many bugs as possible. The problem is that these bug are mutated bugs so they are faster, stronger and occasionally posses special abilities to make squishing them a bit more difficult. The bugs will also hide from you with hiding places appearing in different spots. Luckily you will have a few weapons at your disposal to handle these mutant bugs.

X-Bugs Features:

– Enjoy 60 challenging levels in different stages with 3 Boss fights.
– Fight for survival, play against time, the more bugs you smash the more time you gain.
– Many powerful weapons, be careful to use the right weapon for each bug type.
– There are more than 20 different types of bugs each with special powers.
– Gain more points by killing bugs in bonus areas.
– Let your children enjoy the ultimate bug smashing experience without limit just for fun.
– Compete with other smashers, and see who got the highest score on Openfeint leader’s board.
– Get bonus lives in Boss Fights, by collecting the golden bugs.
– Many achievements to unlock on Openfeint.
– Funny graphics and sounds of the bugs in beautiful environments.

While you do get a variety of weapons to use in your bug squishing adventures, weapons are only effective on certain bugs so you will have to keep that in mind when figuring out what weapon to use against certain bugs. Each bug has their own powers, with there being over 20 different types overall. As you play through the 60 levels, each level will also get increasingly more difficult with more bug types appearing.

Like we said this isn’t your typical bug squishing game, there is a lot more to it including some strategy. If you are interested in this great little time killer of a game, you can download X-Bugs off of the Google Play store for around $1.33 or you can grab the free lite version to try out before you buy the full version.

Developer Website: Art Technology

Google Play Link: X-Bugs

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